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…at thirty

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Today is my birthday.


I wasn’t nervous about turning 30. Sure, I’ve had the natural skeptics. Those who thought for sure I was. Those who thought I was covering up an apprehension with a casual, “no, I’m really not.” In fact, I was looking forward to it. Wanting to embrace it, even, and gladly kiss my 20’s goodbye. You see, for me, 30 is a turning point. Not the “mid-life crisis” type of turning point where I make rash and expensive decisions. The turning point where I know my next 30 years will be better than my first. 30 has brought about unknowns, unchartered territory, and utter happiness.

Years ago, there was a “place” I wanted to be when I reached this milestone. A place that revolved around material goals. Things I wanted to have. A status I wanted to attain. This was nothing I considered to be out of the ordinary, but natural progressions in life. A condo to a house. A nicer car. A plant, to a dog, to a…nother dog. But in getting wrapped up in a possession, or a status, or a way to be perceived by others, I failed to consider my heart. My emotional state.

And now, since my life has taken some drastic changes in the past year, I am forced to reconsider. I am forced to swing the pendulum toward what truly mattered most. Things I had forgotten all along. My heart. My happiness.

In the past few months, I can say I have found my happiness again. Without the possessions. Without the status. Who needs those things anyway?

Here’s to a happy life!


PS-I broke all traditions by not running today. It felt good.

One thought on “…at thirty

  1. 30. So young. I barely remember 30. Treasure what you have, and even better, treasure what you DON’T have. Not having stuff frees you up. When I think of all the stuff that has been accumulated into this house (mainly by Linda) it makes me think I can never move again, mainly because I don’t want to move all the stuff. Yet, most of it could go away and I wouldn’t notice for a long time. Even if I did notice, my mental state is such that I’d wonder if I ever had it.

    So, without stuff means you’re free to travel. I got the impression you were in So Cal for a race. Where next? Calgary is nice this time of year…

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