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…and writes again

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I’m back!

I’ve done this blogging thing once before. But after going through some life changes last year, I went on what was intended to be a short hiatus. As the months went by, I wasn’t even sure I’d return to my love/hate relationship with blogland. Oh sure, I toyed with the idea. I even started a new blog, hoping to write about my new personal experiences, post life changes. But the motivation and inclination never rose to meet the keyboard.

But I like writing. I like writing about what I love. And I love running.

So, 10 months later, I return. Writing about running. Or, mostly running. I’m sure a smattering of personal items will rise to the surface on occasion. But I want this new blog to primarily document the day in the life of a runner. Albeit, a mid-pack runner.

Follow along…


One thought on “…and writes again

  1. Welcome back. Missed you!

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