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…a 12 week training program


This weekend marks the end of my second week (of my 12 week training program) to my 6th marathon. And the race of choice….? The Rim Rock Marathon. Yeah, yeah, I hadn’t heard of it either. That is, until I started scouring the interwebs and marathon calendars for a fall marathon. I didn’t exactly want to travel too far from home. Especially given the fact I would already be traveling to California at the end of October for a half. Need some financial control here! So, when I came across this little jewel on November 12th, a mere 4.5 hours west of home, I gave it some real thought…

a) It’s a mere 4.5 hour drive from home!
2) It’s on the Saturday after Veterans Day! I can travel on Friday, then Sunday, and not take any time off work.
e) It’s in Colorado wine country! The exact spot some friends and I were going to head to earlier this month, but it turned out to be bad timing for all of us.

My other option was the Grand Canyon Marathon. It was a big frontrunner, given the fact I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon. I don’t get out of my cardboard box as much as I’d like, I suppose. But, it’s farther (12 hour drive), at higher altitude, and I wouldn’t have time to explore the area, since I’m an explorer and all. But, it will be on my radar in the future. The first half runs directly on the rim!

So, it’s the Rim Rock Marathon. Reminiscent of my very first marathon that I ran in the Spring of 2008, Yakima River Canyon, in Washington, this too will be a small and unassuming race. Unassuming in name only, though, as the course runs through the Colorado National Monument:

Not bad. And with or without a dusting of snow, I may be able to capture a nice pic or two myself.

Now, all I need to do is register.


*Photos courtesy Sylvia Murphy and Steward Green, respectively.

2 thoughts on “…a 12 week training program

  1. Wow! 12 weeks to train for a marathon. You must be in great shape to start that. Here I’ve been training for a half marathon for months now, and I’m beginning to wonder how it’s going to go.

    Don’t fall in when you’re on the rim!

    • 12 weeks had my brother concerned a bit too. Granted, he’s never run a marathon, so it was more a brotherly concern, not because he has any basis for that concern. But…base miles: check; long runs: check; so, we will see..

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