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…and the boy heli-ski’s in New Zealand

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So, the boy has this job that requires him to travel. And by travel, I don’t just mean periodically, say, once a month. I mean that he has only had four full weeks at home since March. And by travel, I don’t just mean to hum-drum locations like Oklahoma City, OK; El Paso, TX; or, Mesa, AZ. I mean that he travels to super cool places like New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, and Vancouver. Most recently, a project came up in Canberra, Australia, and the boy’s number was called.

Since he is already going to be Down Under, he figured he may as well take advantage of the location, and hop a flight to the south island of New Zealand for some dreamed-about heli-skiing (okay, okay, the boy will really heli-board). It’s the perfect time to get in some runs in the backcountry as winter comes to a close in the Southern Hemisphere. Ironically, after booking the side excursion and extra week for the trip, a 2nd project came up in New Zealand, so he would have been going there anyway!

While I had to say goodbye to the sweet boy this morning, I know he will have an incomparable two weeks. Though I’m slightly envious, I hope to live vicariously through his texts, Skype calls, and pictures.

This video is from the operation who will be taking the boy up the mountain.


One thought on “…and the boy heli-ski’s in New Zealand

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