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…with a fritzy Garmin


I’m pretty sure that my Garmin 305 is about to die. It’s showing signs that it’s loosing the will to live. Just a few weeks ago I had written a wonderful and heartfelt epitaph for this priceless accessory that I won’t and can’t run without. That one piece of running equipment that I feel naked without.

A few weeks ago, Garmin decided that it didn’t want to turn on. This, after a night of sleeping on the dock. Well, then. I replaced it and went for my run with the BFF. Upon returning, it still wouldn’t turn on, even with all the tricks of hitting “mode” and “reset” at the same time. Awesome, I thought. Just getting into marathon training and Garmin dies. Great timing. I seem to have that.

But then, low and behold, a day or so later, it decides to turn on, work like a charm, and act as though nothing ever happened. Let by-gones, be by-gones.

But I was skeptical.

Then a couple of weeks passed. And, although I mostly forgot about that incident, it was still in the back of my mind. Now, in the forefront.

See, I was running my speed workout last night. 5×800’s. Or so I hoped. The rain started to pour. A somewhat abnormal occurance for dry Colorado, since we are considered the high desert (but hey, I get mountains and 300+ days of sunshine, and I do love my sunglasses). I was completely fine with playing it easy and doing my workout on the dreadmill. Something I usually steer clear of. But it’s my new shwanky gym that’s open 24 hours and it’s only a few steps from my new apartment. So, why not? Just this once.

But apparently when it rains, everyone thinks they are workout whores at 6:40 pm, so naturally every machine was being used. Fine. I went back upstairs and got ready to run outside. This is actually a process. What to wear? A jacket or long sleeves? Shorts or capris? What to do with my hair? Should I wear a hat? And off I went in the downpour. Not quite, but comparitively…

I ran my 2 mile warm up (which wasn’t so warm) and started my 800’s. After my 2nd 800, my watch dies. Or, at least stopped responding to any button I touch. The main “real time” screen is showing, but I can’t get it to rotate through any others, or even turn off. So, I run a 3rd 800 back, only guessing the distance and timing and pace. But now it’s dark and I’m mostly upset about the watch. I decide that surely the treadmills must be open now. I’ll go down to the gym to finish the final 2 800’s and my cooldown. Nope. Everyone is still working out. Interesting since I’ve never seen it packed like this. Or used for that matter.

It hasn’t been the greatest of days anyway, starting at 7am, so I decide to take a shower, eat, and just go to bed. I put Garmin on the dock, just to see what would happen the next day.

This morning, I woke up early for an easy 3 miler. I plan on the dreadmill. But once again, Garmin surprises me. Revived, I take it on the morning run and it works like a dream. After the run, it becomes “screen stuck” again. I leave it on the dock.

This afternoon, I plan a 7 miler, and hope beyond hope that it works. It does! Yet now, with the same issues as earlier. But in addition, it is now randomly turning on and off, even as I type this. It’s like it knows…

I suppose that by now, Garmin has run its course. I have had it for 4 years. I need to prepare for the worst. But, the thought of buying a new, expensive watch right now, is a little daunting. After playing with the boy’s new Nike GPS watch, I’m not sure it does everything I want it to. So, I’m sure I’d get another Garmin.

Which sports watch do you use? Would you recommend it?


2 thoughts on “…with a fritzy Garmin

  1. I am feeling something about the Garmin XT310. The waterproof one. I am not sure what I feel about it. I think I want one, but for the trivial amount of running I do it seems overkill. But at least it’s a reasonable size. Some of the other ones are beyond huge, and look like the Borg have recruited you.

    Most electronic stuff either works or doesn’t work. An intermittent problem like yours is rare. I suspect moisture is messing with the battery.

    What I actually use has been the Timex watch and heart rate monitor. They last a few years and die. The monitors go on no problem. But once the battery dies in the watch, they never seal up again, and I use the watch for swimming. But at $70 or so every few years, I can cope.

  2. Jen and I had the same things happen with our Garmins after a few years. I replaced mine with the Garmin 310xt (tri watch) and I love it! Jen has the brand new touch screen Garmin (new newest thing out) and it looks sleek and beautiful, hey….just like you. I think you should get that one! xo

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