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Well, it happened. I successfully submitted my entry for the 2012 Boston Marathon. There were no glitches, or hitches, slip-ups, or screw-ups. No bugs, blunders, or boo-boo’s. I simply filled out my information at 8am MST, clicked submit, and immediately received my BAA email which stated:

Thank you for submitting an entry to the 116th B.A.A. Boston Marathon. It is important to note that your Submission ID does NOT constitute entry into the race, but confirms that your entry has been received by the B.A.A.

This years entry into the Boston Marathon was set up via a rolling registration. Depending on your qualifying time, depended on your allowed day to register.

20 minutes or faster than your qualifying time: Monday, September 12th
10 minutes or faster than your qualifying time: Wednesday, September 14th
5 minutes or faster than your qualifying time: Friday, September 16th
Open registration: Monday, September 19th

Even with the rolling registration, entrants are chosen by time, not on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, even if you register at 8am, but your time isn’t faster than the gal who registers at 1pm, you fall below her on the priority list.

I am hoping this actually bodes well for me since I was closer to the “10 minutes or faster” time, but still needed to wait until Friday’s registration. Perhaps I’ll be prioritized…

I have to admit that I was a bit nervous that the field would fill up before I would be allowed to register today. My teammate, Kelly, registered on Wednesday, and I had my fingers crossed until 8am this morning. And, everything went smoothly.

After work today, Kelly received an email from BAA that stated she had been officially registered! Perhaps by Monday, I’ll know…

Now I wait. Wait until that perfect email that says I am officially accepted. The thrill to run Boston again!


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