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…the 116th Boston Marathon in April!


I opened up the most wonderful email today before leaving for work. This was, obviously, besides all the wonderful emails I was opening from the boy who has now ventured into New Zealand.

The most wonderful, perfect email began like this:

Dear The Blonde,

This is to notify you that your entry into the 116th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 16, 2012 has been accepted, provided that the information you submitted is accurate.

It continued to detail information about my Acceptance Card, Number Pick-Up Card, and Welcome Booklet. Ah…the Welcome Booklet. It feels like just yesterday I was pining for that booklet back in 2009. Now I can begin to pine again!

I am thrilled to have been accepted into the Boston Marathon for a 2nd time! The entire process, for the 113th, was such an incredible experience for me: pre, during, and post*. I learned so much about myself; as an individual and as a runner. I can’t possibly approach this Boston the same as I did three years ago. I know too much. I’ve grown too much.

And while I’m already making mental plans about the training and the trip, I almost have to set it aside for now. Focus on the marathon at hand. Less than 8 weeks away. And so much to run.



*Read all about my 113th Boston (2009) experience in the Race Reports section on the top header

3 thoughts on “…the 116th Boston Marathon in April!

  1. I am expecting great things of this, you know. Two marathons in the works now. All that training. Healthy eating. All that good stuff.

  2. Yayyyy!!!! Congrats girl 🙂 so excited for you to go relive all the Boston glory!

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