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…without her Garmin


Today, we say a fond farewell to Garmin. 305 served me, mostly well, these past 4 years. And with it, I’ve had my best marathon and my worst; my fastest track workouts and my slowest, injury laden 2-milers. While Garmin was attempted to be revived several times, its final breath was taken and its energy was depleted cradled comfortably in its dock on my dining room table because I just wanted the battery to die FOR CRYING OUT LOUD since it was kicking up a storm and refusing to die what with its constant turning on and off, on and off, every few seconds (Sheesh. Let a blonde sleep!). Garmin 305 is survived by its 30-year old owner who just won’t stop running.

I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement. I wanted to find something non-Garmin, but they seem to have nitch in this running-GPS-watch market. These are the watches I crossed off the list:

1. Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom

The boy has this watch, and I’ve used it on occasion (and now, since I’m without). The GPS is really finicky and neither of us have a lot of faith in it. I have run a complete workout without it ever “linking.” I’m way to Type A (although I say I’m “Type A-“) to get a GPS watch that only works when it wants to. I need reliability.

2. Timex Ironman Run Trainer

I really, really wanted this watch, since the Timex Ironman series is so well-known. This particular watch comes out sometime in October of 2011. But, when I started researching and talked to a guy behind a watch counter at a well-known outdoor sporting equipment store, I was sure this was not the watch for me. Apparently, its’ GPS component, powered by SiRFstar IV™ (a no-namer), is just as unreliable as Nike’s TomTom. So much for that.

3. Polar RS800

Because who has heard of Polar?! Exactly.

Here are the two I’m considering:

1. Suunto t3d $189.00

Suunto is a fantastic watch. But, I’m still looking into this one. I’m not sure about the GPS technology. Sounds like another no-namer.

2. Garmin 410 $249.99

Because Garmin has the nitch. And mine DID last 4 years, which is pennies on the dollar with how much use I got out of it.

I need to make my decision sooner than later. The boy will need his watch back soon. And I’ll need some reliability soon. I mean I am in training mode!


5 thoughts on “…without her Garmin

  1. It’s good to run naked every now and then. Then you can be introspective, asking yourself how you feel as you run, and learning to interpret the analogue signals your innards generate.

    Did you look at the 310XT? Then you can run in the rain.

    You want reliability? Get a cat. They can be relied on to take a nap when you want them to do something, and be awake and asking for breakfast while you’re trying to sleep.

    • If I had an extra $100 bucks to throw around, I might consider the 310XT. But I’m a single gal. On my own. And a teacher at that. I don’t know about Kanadia, but the US doesn’t pay me nearly what it should for the amount of work I do. So, probably the 410.

  2. My vote is a new Garmin!

    uh, Keith … I don’t think the blonde will EVER get a cat … unless, of course, it’s in the shape of a pinata. 😉

  3. have you decided yet? i like the garmin! it is much smaller than the 305 – I’ve only had my 305 for a year, so at this rate I’m good for another 3 years and who knows how far they’ll have come by then! BUT my vote is for the 410!

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