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…into wildlife


In the last month, I have had some “close calls” with wildlife. Now, I’m not talking about a few Peter Cottontails, hopping down the bunny trail. I’m not even talking about snakes; which I have run into a time or two. Or, at least run over. One of which actually coiled and lunged at me! I’m sure it was only inches away from sinking its’ fangs into my leg. Rendering me completely paralyzed and mute. No matter it was a little garter snake. Or, that I was only 100 yards from home…

I digress. The wildlife I really want to talk about:


Yep. Those nocturnal, stinky, black and white critters. A few weeks ago, the BFF and I were out for a 5am run. The route of choice was our typical four mile trail loop that takes us through some open space and around two small lakes (reservoirs, really, since we don’t have “real” lakes in Colorado) in North Boulder. We love this route, which is right outside the BFF’s front door. It’s convenient. And, it allows us to run right past a hot air balloon launch, where we have seen up to 8 balloons every summer/fall morning. Absolutely amazing. As an aside, the balloon route goes directly over the BFF’s house and you can hear the fire being blow into the balloon. All I wanted to sing when I saw them every day was “up, up, and awaaaaay, in my beautiful, my beautiful balloooooon!!!!” So there.

Anyway, we were barely awake, when we crossed a bridge and we see a black and white critter, which can obviously only be a skunk, waddling into the brush, not 10 yards away. Me, not wanting to be sprayed by said skunk, grabs the BFF, turns a 180, and runs the opposite direction.

I would have been completely fine changing our route for that morning. I would have been completely fine calling it “a day” after 1 mile. But for some reason, we turn back around, determined to continue with our little four mile loop. We do. We don’t see the skunk again. And good. I didn’t care to be sprayed! Close call!


I often see fox when I’m out running. Once even, a coyote. But this particular red fox, that I saw on recently, was huge! So, it was obviously some mutated hyena-esque science experiment gone horribly wrong at the local partying/pothead we-put-out-a-lot-of-doctors-and-somewhat-smart-people university. Or, it could have been an adult male fox. I doubt it, though.

This red fox was extremely brave. Courageous, even. It stayed on my path until I was not 10 yards away. Then, it sort of saunters off, bushy tail following, into the wooded area nearby. Close call!


Yeah, yeah. Deer. Big deal. I see them all the time. At least often enough. But, I always get a little excited when I see them up close. And this time I was super close. I’d say nearly 10 yards away. On my long run this past weekend, I was running west, into the Boulder canyons, when I stumbled upon a group of five deer; one was a fawn. They surprised me, as I rounded a corner to see them munching on some dewy grass at 7:30am on a cool Saturday morning. They didn’t flinch, however. I stopped and took a picture.

*This photo was not enhanced, enbiggened, or zoomed in upon when taken on my now antiquated iPhone 4. This photo just is. And that’s how close I was.

I actually saw this same group on a run this afternoon. They must like the Boulder Creek and all it’s wooded homeyness.


2 thoughts on “…into wildlife

  1. Skunk. Pee-ewww! Careful out there sweet pea! xoxo

  2. Oh my gosh – I haven’t seen a skunk while running… BUT I did see one going into my neighbors basement just last week!! I have never seen a skunk in my life, and lo and behold there he was just waddling away and i was sputtering uh, what,huh, did I really just see that? And as for snakes – eeks no thank you!! I stopped running the trails in Tennessee in the dead of summer because I saw 3 too many and almost stepped on one – my garmin read 6:53… Never ran so fast in my life!!

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