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…the second quarter of marathon training

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So I’m a little behind. Maybe a full week behind, in posting the second quarter training runs for the Rim Rock Marathon. I’ve been a little preoccupied. Which is why, perhaps, I’ve not been able to run more than 55 miles per week. It’s this thing called work, and this other thing called love.

The boy came home from his two week stint in Australia, and I was immediately in the throes of catching up with him. He was missed. He is always missed when he travels. It’s because I like him so much.

This was followed by parent/teacher conference prep, of which I’m currently in the middle. Last week’s 65+ hour work week really had me exhausted, and I had neither the time, nor inclination, to do anything but sleep. This week will nearly mirror last week’s. So, yes, I’m making up for all the hours I won’t be working during the summer. Happy?

I’ll be honest; I lost a lot of my data when Garmin died not too long ago. I couldn’t even pull past training runs from it. Then, I started using the Nike+ that the boy has. I plan to hang onto it until he asks for it back. While it isn’t my watch of choice, it is working sweetly during the interim until I can get the Garmin 410.

Week 4
Saturday-18 miles/9:00 pace
Sunday-5 miles

Total: 51 miles

Week 5’s long run deserves a post of its’ own. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever had to quit a long run early; out on a route. And, I even had to hitchhike home. First hitchhiking experience! Such a crazy long run!

Week 5
Tuesday-8 miles
Wednesday-7 miles with 4x.25 hill pushes
Thursday-10 miles
Friday-3 miles
Saturday-15.5 miles/8:38 pace

Total: 43 miles

Week 6
Monday-5 miles
Tuesday-5 miles
Wednesday-3 am/7pm with 3×1200
Thursday-10 miles/8:23 pace
Friday-3 miles
Saturday-18 miles/8:34 pace (10@MP 8:00 pace)
Sunday-4 miles/9:13 pace

Total: 55 miles

Overall, I’m just trying to cope with the fact that I can’t find the time or energy to get over the 55 mile per week hump. I know I shouldn’t compare, but last year’s training had me close to 70! It’s a little disappointing for me, but I also know I am in a different place now than I was when training for Portland. I know, too, that I’m not out to break any PR with the Rim Rock. This will be a tough course, and at higher elevation. I’m doing this for the experience; and the excuse to go wine taste. Of course.

The good news is that I’ve finally registered! After continuing to put it off, running marathon #6 in less than 5 weeks is now a reality.

More on this, that, and the other (including that long run with the hitchhiking) coming soon!


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