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…Halloween weekend and needs a costume!


The boy and I are racing the Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon, next Saturday, the 29th. We’ll, I should say that I’ll technically be the one racing. The boy has been traveling so much, that training hasn’t really been a top priority; and I can’t blame him! Although, he did start quasi-running a bit, just so he wouldn’t have a DNS. I think that’s more demoralizing than me beating him! Granted, since he is very capable of running a couch to half-marathon (as proven in the past), I’m a little nervous that with just a smidge of training, he very well could beat me! Yikes…

Even though there would be no convincing the boy to wear a costume for the race, I, on the other hand, would love to! However, I am finding this to be tricky. I want a simple enough costume that won’t hinder me from copious amounts of speed. And I want it cheap enough, because, when will I really wear it again?


1. Hare/Tortoise: I would just need a bunny ears headband and a turtle shell. But the shell could weigh me down. And the ears could cost me an extra few seconds.

2. Rainbow Bright: I have blue shorts and shirt. I just need rainbow knee high socks/belt and a read headband. Easy.

3. Wonder Woman: I would just need blue running buns with white stars on them and a cape. But the cape could slow me down.

4. Waldo: This is what I’m going to be at school this year. I don’t know if the hat and glasses would annoy me during the race, though.

All this to say, I’m not really sure what I want to race in! So, I’d love your suggestions too!


3 thoughts on “…Halloween weekend and needs a costume!

  1. You are blonde. You have long hair, or you did in the last photo I saw of you. Keeping in mind your complaints about the costume slowing you down, I suggest you go as Lady Godiva.

  2. I know what you mean about the couch to half marathon!! ours was just a quarter marathon and the hubs ran ONE time the entire month before and he still beat me.. but i’m okay with that… kind of. As for halloween – oh man… i’ve worked the past 2 years and am working again – I wear a pumpkin shirt from target. Original i know 🙂

  3. So. How did that go? What was the decision? To go with a costume that would slow you down, or one built for speed? I’m dying of curiosity up here. I know that for a hard core runner like you, trivial things like temperature and snow need not be taken into consideration.

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