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…a marathon this weekend!


Yikes. Looks like I’ll be tackling 26.2 in a few days. I’m not gonna lie; I don’t want to.

Ever since I registered for the Rim Rock Marathon, my motivation has taken a nose-dive. Granted, I registered right in the midst of a 2 week stint of parent/teacher conferences that make my work day a measly 14 hours (not to mention all the hours that go into prepping for them). Or, the fact that it seems I have had something going on nearly every night, which leaves little time to run. I’ve been so busy at work and pining for later sunsets, that my running in this taper season has sacrificed. Tapering? Yes. But this is an odd taper. I’ve logged very few miles in the past several weeks. I’m managed to nail my weekend long runs, and throw in a few easy runs during the week here and there, but consistency…none!

While I never had lofty goals for this race when I contemplated running it, I still wanted to train well and do well. But now that I’m actually down to race week, I’m feeling underprepared and very intimidated by this course.

With an elevation gain of 2100 feet, a predominantly all uphill first 1/2, followed by a quad-mushing downhill second 1/2, I have been a little concerned about my well-being. I.e., I am nuts to run this!

So, I have griped, and complained, and threatened to not race it at all. So, I’ve decided not to. Instead, I will run it. Run it for FUN, even! I am taking all pressure off of myself to go gang-busters on this marathon. I don’t need the PR. I don’t need the Boston qualification. What I need is a challenge. I need an experience. And that is what I will get. Probably what I knew I needed all along.

Trust me, this is a hard one to admit. I take every race entirely too seriously. But, for valid reasons. I don’t race very often. A handful of times a year. Maybe. So, I view every race as an opportunity. An opportunity to do well. Very well. Better than I had previously.

But this time, it isn’t realistic. I need to back off for this one and enjoy the experience of the Rim Rock Marathon. I know the sites will be beautiful. Spectacular, even.

So, I change my mental state this week to accept defeat the fact that this one is for a completely different reason.

And, I’m lucky enough to have a slew of supporters coming with me! Should be a fun and interesting weekend!

Oh yeah, about that third and final quarter of training…I’ll get right on that.


2 thoughts on “…a marathon this weekend!

  1. I totally love that screen shot. Great choice in computers. Oh, and I guess the course elevation is ok too. Have fun during the race, what a concept!

  2. Yay yay yay!!!!! HAVE FUN! it’s so nice to take the pressure off very once in a while and this looks like the perfect place to do that! Can’t wait to hear about it :)))

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