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…the third and final quarter of marathon training


Well, this is old news, now that I’ve wrapped up training, and run the marathon. However, it’s to be published anyway. I’d hate for there to be a hole in my training program. In the written word sort of way. But, I’ll be snappy about it, because I know you all just want the results of this “fun” run. And honestly, there isn’t really much to say about those last few weeks of training anyway.

Here are the highlights:

I ran very little and worked quite a lot.
When I did run, I ran a 22 miler at an 8:40 pace. And a half marathon at a 7:53 pace.
There were some other random runs here and there, that don’t particularly stand out.
I ate a lot of peanut butter.

Now on to the Rim Rock Marathon race report and results!


3 thoughts on “…the third and final quarter of marathon training

  1. Crunchy or smooth? I’m betting crunchy. I can’t even run ONE mile at an 8:40 pace, and 7:53 is right out.

    • Excellent question! I typically buy smooth, but peanut butter is going up 40% here in the States, so my mom found crunchy in bulk and stocked up. Naturally, I inherited a jar or two.

  2. Leaving us hanging on the marathon report/outcome… I see how it is 😉 can’t wait to read all about it!

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