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…during the off season


With that marathon over and the beginning of the holiday season upon us, it can only mean one thing: off season.

Now, hear me out. When I say “off season” I don’t mean sitting on the couch, eating chocolate ice cream with a glass of red wine, while watching the latest episode of It’s Always Sunny. Because let’s be honest, that happens during “on season” too. 😉 I just mean, I won’t be doing that every day.

But, this is a time for me to cut back on my mileage, enjoy some beloved runs, try some new ones, and let my feet and toenails heal from all that marathon training.

The plan?

I don’t have much of one.

30 mile weeks: While I’d like to stay around this mileage, I probably won’t be holding myself to that too strictly.

10+ mile long runs: I think this is doable. I just want to keep my long runs up through the end of the year so it’s easy to get back into it in January.

Beloved runs: I’m itching to hit some of my favorite runs like Mags, and up the Boulder Canyon.

Trails runs: The boy teased me with hopes of a potential trail run this past Sunday. Turns out, neither of us were really up for it, once morning came around. So, we’ve postponed said trail run to Thanksgiving morning. Our very own little Turkey Trot! Otherwise, I’m looking to explore more Boulder/Fort Collins trails. Trail races, anyone?

It will be nice to take some pressure off, enjoy the holidays, and enjoy running!


2 thoughts on “…during the off season

  1. This sounds exactly like my 2 months of off season and it’s been the BEST THING EVER!! It will get you pumped up and rejuvinated just in time for Boston training 🙂

    Man would I love to go to CO for a trail run 🙂 one of these days!

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