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…December’s first snowfall


December arrived with some pomp and circumstance, leaving a 7 inch dusting here around Boulder, Colorado.

I knew it was going to snow. And, I purposely planned on running, no matter the conditions, because I secretly love running in the snow. I love making fresh tracks. I love breathing in that crisp, cold air.

I don’t know if I run better, or faster in this type of weather, and I’m not sure I really care. In some ways, it’s a great challenge; and in others, it’s calming.

So, on this Thursday afternoon, I made my way outdoors, bundled up against the 25 degree weather. I wasn’t able to get too many miles in, due to the lack of light; roughly 4. But, I was happy to get out and enjoy December’s first snowfall.

I capped off the day with some decorating, because I heart Christmas so much! In case you can’t tell, those are nutcrackers above my kitchen cabinets. I have roughly 55. A collection that was started by my grandma, Mimi, when I was only 7. I would get one or two every Christmas, once my mom also decided to start giving them as well. Typically, I’m not a collector of knick-knack, paddywhacks, or things that collect dust. But for one month out of the year, I can tolerate a unique collection like this from someone who I miss very much.

Good luck to those running the Las Vegas Half/Full Marathon this weekend! And those running CIM!


2 thoughts on “…December’s first snowfall

  1. Running in such perfectly warm weather when there is fresh snow to be had is just great! Provided you’re pretty certain there isn’t any ice lurking underneath. Though I do have to admit I wouldn’t call 7 inches (not quite 18 cm) a dusting. That is a respectable snow fall.

    I would never have guessed those were nut crackers.

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