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I have great news about The Blonde Runs! I’ve been published! Sort of…

The good people at Colorado Runner have included little ol’ me in their online blogroll! Colorado Runner is a magazine that “allows local runners one resource for all their running needs” (i.e. races, results, running news, resources, and the like). While this may not seem like a huge deal, let me assure that it is! Mainly because they have such a seemingly select few that are a part of their blogroll. And those select few do not seem to be middle packers, like me. I hope that this little fact remains quiet, as I will surely be eradicated from said blogroll!

For now, I enjoy the exposure, and hope that I have a valid thing or two to say about running in Colorado.

If you live in Colorado, are envious that I live in Colorado, or just want to check out Colorado Runner for their many running articles that don’t necessarily always have to do with running in Colorado, but for the most part do, then check it out here.

For proof that I’m actually a part of their blogroll, look here, and then scroll down to the VERY bottom. The very. Bottom.

And, of course, you can now connect to Colorado Runner in my sidebar.


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