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Thanks to that warm front that blew in, I ran in 60 degree temps yesterday! But with those nice shorts-weather-running temps comes wind. And if there is anything I hate more than running on a dreadmill, it’s running in wind. 44mph gusts. I swear, I felt every single one of them. It was the longest 5 miles ever. I know, because I timed it. On my new Garmin. There were moments I felt I was running in place. Or moments I was being pushed to the curb (yes, I was running on the sidewalks, because all our trails around here are an icy, snowy, melty, slushy, muddy mess). But I pushed through and finished those 5 miles. Hoping today would be better. It wasn’t. And rumor has it, it will be worse tomorrow.

What I have to look forward to is January. Because there’s all kinds of wind up in here in January. So, there very well be days that I’ll be taking to my other arch nemesis: dreadmill (as stated above).

Until then, I cherish the days where there is a calm in the air. And when there isn’t, I’ll braid my hair and wear sunglasses whether I need them or not and curse occasionally at the wind.

5 miles/42:45/8:32 pace (Thursday)
7 miles/1:04:02/9:08 pace (Friday)


One thought on “…in the wind

  1. Once you run in winds like that for a while, you’ll be ready to step up to the big leagues, and run in Crowsnest Pass with my buddy Julie.

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