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…an undisclosed number of miles in 2011

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Due to some major watche issues this past year, I don’t have a total number of miles for 2011. When Garmin 305 died, I lost several weeks worth of information. Then, I started using the boy’s Nike+, which was a bit finicky. Not to mention, I failed to get any runs off of it for “keeping track” purposes.

It’s actually bothered me a little bit. Or, a lot a bit. I’m a numbers girl, myself; and my Running Log for 2011, which is in the delightfully organized form of an Excel spreadsheet, is incomplete (I know someone can appreciate this).

As of the middle of September, I had 898.17 miles. With another few weeks of marathon training, the marathon, and what I’ve done between now and then, I can comfortable tack on another 500 miles. Maybe even 501.83 for a guesstimated and rounded total of 1,400. This looks reasonable to me (but he would disagree-as this number would only be reasonable when adding mileage on your vehicle). In 2010, I had closer to 1700, but that was due to running/training for 2 marathons. In 2011, I only ran one. So, there.

Next year’s mileage goal? More on 2012 goals in the next post.


One thought on “…an undisclosed number of miles in 2011

  1. It’s certainly a reasonable number for bike milage, though honestly, I’m not really sure how far miles are anymore. I have to convert to Km to understand the distance.

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