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…and researches Colorado 50k’s


True to my 2012 goals, I’m exploring the possibility of running a 50k this year! For those wondering, a 50k is 31.07 miles. Just 4.87 miles longer than a marathon. This seems doable. I’ll leave the 50 milers to those much stronger than I!

I looked at some races this morning and narrowed it down to two:

Greenland Trail 50k on May 5th

The Bear Chase 50k on September 30th

Initially, I was leaning toward the Greenland Trail 50k. It’s nearly 3 weeks after Boston, and I was thinking this would be great timing, coming off of marathon training. Also, I could run it before summer, as there are some pending personal plans that might hinder training during these months (no, I’m not having a baby). This race sells out fast, as it’s the largest 50k in Colorado. If I decide to do this one, I need to register soon.

The boy suggested the fall Bear Chase instead. First, if I became injured training for or running Boston, I wouldn’t feel pressure to run the 50k so nearly afterward. Second, if I choose the fall race, I can focus on training properly for it, i.e. primarily on trails, and a little extra distance. This race’s registration doesn’t open until February.

Luckily, I feel like I have a little time to think about the best option. By the time February rolls around I’m hoping to have a little more direction in my relationships/personal life, which will, in turn, effect my race plans. To bad everything can’t be cut and dry! But, what fun would that be!


10 thoughts on “…and researches Colorado 50k’s

  1. Here I barely made it 5K today, and you’re blithely talking about doing a marathon, then a few weeks later, running even further. Yeah. There are soft padded rooms for that kind of aberration.

  2. I like this post very much ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. How about both?!?! I mean, surely you can run 3 weeks post Boston, no problem. Get your first one out of the way. ….then- go for the fall 50k and have the boy join the training with you. After all, he did suggest it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ xo

    • Yes, but I won’t be trail training for Boston, so I’m not sure I’ll be prepared for a 31 mile trail race after 12 weeks of roads. I’m leaning toward September…

  4. I’m thinking about running my first 50k this year too – to mark my 50th birthday! At the moment, I’m thinking it will be the Niagara 50k in June: But maybe I should be looking south of the border for more options?

    Good luck! Looks like you have a great running year ahead!

    • That would be a great one! Very scenic! Are you going to follow a training plan? I haven’t researched any yet, but will be in the market soon, if you have suggestions!

      • The only programs I found on-line required a LOT more training than I’ve ever done for a marathon so not sure I’m going to follow them.

        My chiro (who is an ultramarathoner and coach himself) recommended I follow a marathon training schedule and just add a little more mileage on weekends. As he said, it’s “only 7.8k longer than a marathon” so shouldn’t involved a lot more training.

        Of course, I don’t have a time goal for my first ultra and maybe you do?

      • That was kind of my thought: choose a marathon program and add some mileage.

        It’s a trail 50k, so I’ll make sure I’m running on a lot of terrain that mimics the course.

        Therefore, no time goal!! Finish!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Yes, that was the other bit of advice I read. Be sure to train on terrain that’s similar to what you’ll be running on race day. Good luck! Be sure to let us all know how it goes!

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