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I’ve been sick this week. Not with a cold or the flu. My heart’s been sick about Sherry Arnold.

Since SUAR first posted about the disappearance of Sherry, who went out for a typical evening run, I’ve been worried. And as each day went by, I worried more a little more, because we hadn’t received the news we wanted. Now, our worst fears are confirmed, because Sherry will not be coming back.

Words don’t accurately express the sadness I’ve been feeling.

Throughout this week, I have been a little more cautious, a little more aware. I have run more with friends and have told the boy where I’d be running more often. This week I’ve thought of Sherry. I’ve thought of my circle of running friends, and the greater running community.

Anything can happen out there on the roads and trails. Make sure you’re safe, that someone knows where you are, or that you’re not alone. Life is precious and can be taken sooner than expected. Hug the ones you love a little tighter.

SUAR wants to plan a virtual run in honor of Sherry, and there is no way I wouldn’t be a part of it.

Thoughts and prayers to SUAR and the rest of Sherry’s family.


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