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…the base miles


I didn’t intend to take a hiatus. It just happened that way. I haven’t posted in nearly 10 days! What have I been doing?! Busy with this, that, and the other. Sometimes blogging takes a back burner to real life.

And I’ve been running, of course.

I finished up my base miles with the last several weeks between 30-35 miles, each. I’ve been able to check out some new trails, which is nice to break up the monotony. I hope to explore a little more in Boston training; of which I am in week 1!

Sunset at the Coalton Trail

I have also been logging all of miles through I love this site! The numbers and graphs and weekly recaps are a Type A- girls dream! Love. This.

I also saw this week, that someone finally got it right! GU made a savory energy gel! Am I the last one to know about this?! Since my sudden disdain for all things energy gel, for my long runs/races, I have been sticking to the chomps, beans, and blocks; even an occasional peanut butter cracker. I have secretly hoped that one of these companies would produce an energy gel that wasn’t sweet. As much as I have a sweet tooth (or teeth), my tummy does not like sweet gels. So, when I saw this peanut butter gel, I bought it to try it out for my weekend long run. Luckily, peanut butter is my favorite thing EVER, aside from my boyfriend. If I like this, I’ll be buying stock.

The latest news this week is that Trader Joe’s is rumored to be coming to Boulder! We are all abuzz and all excited! To celebrate, I ate the last of my TJ Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels. Hope that rumor pans out, otherwise I’ll be soliciting for TJ care packages to those of you fortunate enough to live near one.

In unrelated news, I will be mostly on another hiatus, as I will be sunning myself in HAWAII next week! I will, of course, try to keep open blog communication between the two readers and myself. However, since one of those reader is my boyfriend, I make no promises to that other reader. Sorry Kanadia.


9 thoughts on “…the base miles

  1. Well, Humphf. Hawaii, eh? I’ll see your Hawaii, and raise you Bermuda. So there. Have fun and all. I expect beach pics.

    Peanut Butter GU??!! I will HAVE to check this out.

  2. Hey now. Just because I never comment doesn’t mean I don’t read your blog.

    Have fun in Hawaii. Look forward to seeing your pics.

  3. I don’t suppose Trader Joe’s has come to England, yet?!

  4. I read every post!! ❤ have the BEST TIME EVER in Hawaii…. ahhhhhhh I need to be there now.

  5. Have fun in Hawaii. I’m off to Belize myself. Isn’t it amazing how far and easily we travel these days? When I return, it’s back to training in earnest for my 50k race. I’ve settled on the Wascally Wabbit Ultra in good ol’ Nova Scotia. It’s a tiny event but – hey – if I’m gonna crash and burn think I’d rather do it in private.

  6. Yes I am. I’ll take pics. And to keep you occupied and out of too much mischief, I tagged you.×11-again.html

  7. Oh my gosh!! HAWAII!?! I need to be there too… like yesterday please.. have sooo much fun and take lots of pictures for those of us enjoying balmy northeastern weather of 40 degrees!! Which you Colorado-ans probably scoff at!!

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