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…a Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold: February 11, 2012

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Like many of you, I was keeping a close watch on the very unfortunate events that took place in January in a small town in Montana. I was devastated to learn that one of us; a teacher, mother, wife, daughter, runner; went on a routine early morning run, never to return. Sherry Arnold’s circumstances resulted in great reflection for me.

This hasn’t caused fear in me. I won’t stop running. I won’t stop doing what I love. It’s a newfound awareness and appreciation for this passion of ours. Knowing that life is precious and can be taken at a moment’s glance. A casual goodbye could be a final goodbye.

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, SUAR is organizing a Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold. Print a bib, pin it to your shirt, and at 9am MST, run as little or as far as you’d like. Run for Sherry. Run to remember that one of ours is no longer with us, and to remember why we love what we do.

I am fortunate to live near SUAR, and I will be joining her for a rememberance run at the Boulder Res that morning. If you live around Boulder, or anywhere in Colorado, you should make it a point to be there too!

A facebook page for the run has also been set up. Post where you’ll run, add pictures, etc.

Please run. Run for Sherry.


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