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…week 2: Boston Training

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I spent the majority of Week 2 in Maui, Hawaii, and while my intent was to get close to 50 miles for the week, it just wasn’t going to happen. What was happening were Mai Tai’s, sun, and relaxation. Even facing some of my fears.

Don’t be fooled by that “51 miles” nonsense. I’m not even sure I can count that 21 miler since it was on a road bike. Downhill.

Week 2: Boston
Goal: 50 miles
Actual: 30.11 miles

Monday: 7.11 miles
The brief sprinkles of rain were followed by a whole lot of sun! I ran on the Beachwalk, past all the fancy resorts, and northwest into some neighborhoods. A ton of runners on this route.

Tuesday: 3 miles
The boy and I ran barefoot on the beach, right where the waves were cascading around our ankles. We were often doing high knees to keep our momentum. I love this part of beach vacations! I was scheduled for 5 miles, but cut it to 3 because I was afraid my calves would be on fire the next day for my 10 miler.

Wednesday: 10 miles
The calves were NOT on fire. In fact, I wasn’t sore at all from the beach run. I ran these 10 miles along the same route I had run for the 7 miler. The scenery is beautiful, so I found no reason to find a new route.

After my run, the boy and I tried something new: Paddle Boarding. I’m sure you’ve seen the celebrities in People and US Weekly doing this (or so my bff says). Paddling, while standing on a “surf” board. It’s tougher than it looks, especially for someone who is mostly afraid of the water. That’s me. I’d like to blame my brother for this fear, because of the time when we were kids and he thought it would be funny to hold me under water at the pool. Yeah. Real funny. But, I’m sure there is something else that causes that fear. Anyway, it’s so tough because of the balance You start on your knees and once you feel balanced, you can pop up to standing position. Then, you have to feel comfortable with the balance once standing before you start paddling. For the first while, I was often up and down, just getting comfortable on the board. But once I was able to rock with the waves, instead of resisting them, I was able to stand and paddle. With the constant kneeling-to-standing routine, my quads were the muscles that ended up being on fire! For 4 days! The boy and I saw a sea turtle, not 15 yards away!

Thursday: 21 miles (bike)
The boy and I woke up at 3am to make our way to the top of Haleakala. At 10,023 feet elevation, we watched the sunrise and then road biked down to the bottom. It was so cold! And the wind was really blowing! But the view was beautiful and the ride was memorable.

Friday: off day (travel)
We took an overnight flight back to Colorado. I didn’t sleep much at all.

Saturday : off day (travel)
When we landed to 2 feet of snow, if was in complete climate shock! I was immediately pinning for those warm breezes and hot sun. I had planned to do my long run today, but I was so tired from the lack of sleep on the planes, that I opted out. I was also starting to get a little sick. Chest congestion and the beginnings of a cold. I slept, instead.

Sunday: 10 miles
I was feeling crummy. And I had planned on taking another day off. I’m lazy like that, I guess. But Erika suggested a 10 miler before our friends baby shower. I met her at the Boulder Creek Trail because we knew it would be clear of the snow. It was definitely a tough run, but I’m glad I was able to get in a quasi-long run and add more mileage to the week.

Given the fact I was on vacation, I was happy with putting in as many miles as I did. I suppose if I’m going to have a significant cutback week, it should happen sooner than later in the training program. And it should definitely happen on vacation.

More photos from the trip, coming up. Promise.


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