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…the Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold


Saturday morning, I bundled up against the frigid temperatures that fell on Boulder and the surrounding areas. A fresh blanket of dry, powdery snow had fallen overnight. I arrived at Coot Lake, the northeast entrance to the Boulder Reservoir, at 7:45am. A balmy 9 degrees. With my fists balled inside my gloves and layered sufficiently, I set out on the slippery, icy, snowy trails and backroads solo to complete as many miles as possible before meeting up with Beth and those who would run for Sherry. Despite the clouds, cold, and snow, the Colorado diehards were out in full force. In an area where many running groups and elite train, it’s hard to venture into this area without seeing the passionate.

I reflected on Sherry, someone I’ve never met, and the impact she has recently had in my life and in the global running community. I finished back at Coot Lake with 6 miles, recharged and warmed up in my car, and donned my bib.

People were starting to congregate. Beth arrived, greeting everyone with a big smile, a warm heart, and rememberance bracelets; which I’ve been wearing the past two days.

Psalm 46:1 "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."

Shortly after 9am, with a crowd of around 40 (I’m terrible with crowd guesstimates), Beth shared with us a little about Sherry, her life, and the type of person she was. We concluded with a moment of silence.

By now, Erika had met up with me and we ran for Sherry. A loop around the Res and Coot Lake for 6.6 miles. I took this shot of the run after popping out onto the road from the Boulder Res trail. If you look closely, you can see several groups of runners, single file, in the background.

By the time we had finished, the clouds had moved away and the sun was out. For me, it was a wonderful analogy of my emotions. I started the run feeling pensive and melancholy; but ended full of renewed hope as I ran the final miles of my 17 for the day.

Lots of love, Sherry. You will forever be in our hearts.


2 thoughts on “…the Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold

  1. Beautiful. The sun was out here from fairly early on. I couldn’t run until about lunch time due to other obligations, but knocked out a few miles.

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