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…week 3: Boston Training

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Week 3: Boston
Goal: 55 miles
Actual: 55.6 miles

Monday: 7.3 miles
Ran 3.1 miles with Erika on the Davidson Mesa trail that wasn’t exactly clear of the snow and ice. Or at all. It was too slippery and uneven for my liking. Erika was due for a short run, so I took to some nearby sidewalks after saying goodbye.

Tuesday: 7.5 miles
Took the dog, Chase, for my 3.5 mile warm up. After dropping him off at my place, I took to the dreadmill for my speed work. I wasn’t happy about this! The remaining ice on the sidewalks left me with little choice. At least for a quality work out. I ran 800, 400, 800, 400, 800 all at a 6:40 pace. It felt much better than I thought it would! I took a very slow and easy 1 mile cooldown.

Wednesday: 12 miles
I was dreading this one. I don’t know why. Probably because I was going it alone. So much easier to do these longer runs with company. I started from my place and ran some paths I had been wanting to explore. I ran back around 9.5 miles, picked up Chase and we headed back out for another 2.5 miles. He is always happy to run, and I knew I’d be regretting it later if I didn’t take him!

Thursday: 5.3 miles
After eating nearly a full sleeve a Trefoils, thanks to my Girl Scout students, I took Chase out on a little over 5 miles. It was slow and felt hard. I blame the cookies. But I’ve been so hungry this week!

Friday: off day
The boy had a work function that night, so I opted to join him for adult beverages and make Friday my off day.

Saturday: 17 miles
A fresh blanket of snow and frigid temperatures were a little off-putting for a 17 miler, but part of this run would be for Sherry Arnold, so I bundled up against 9 degrees and gray clouds and drove from Fort Collins down to Boulder (about an hour) to get started. 6 miles solo, 6.6 miles with Beth, Erika, and the Virtual Runners, 4.4 solo. The sun came out at the end and I felt great!

Sunday: 6.5 miles
Erika was running the Ralston Creek Half Marathon, so I surprised her and showed up to spectate! Erika has a goal to run 12 half marathons in ’12. One each month. This was her 2nd. It was 14 degrees at the start and only 18 when she finished! My goal was to find some shortcuts along the route and see her periodically, while getting in the 6 recovery miles that I needed. I was able to see her at miles 2, 9, and the finish. Also saw someone wearing a Sherry bib! Yay! With a little cool down, I totaled 6.5 for the day!

Reflection: Nice solid week. Felt good. I wasn’t sure about what to hope for on my speed day. This is the first time I’ve done speed work in several months. Hope I’m training how I need to. A little less than 9 weeks until Boston! Yikes!


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