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I woke up ridiculously motivated for my run this afternoon. After getting home from work, I am now ridiculously UNmotivated to run this afternoon.

It’s a cutback week, but I am scheduled for a speed work out to total about 7-8 miles, including the warm up and cool down. Tomorrow is my “off” day. I suppose it was the ferocious winds that picked up after noon that soured my mood for running. But the thought of doing it all on the dreadmill is less than appealing.

There aren’t many days where I feel unmotivated to run. In fact, these days are few and far between. I love to run. So, what does it mean?

A CNN article was sent to me this morning about training your brain to compete and be as strong as you’re training your body to be. Perhaps my mental toughness is taking a break today.

Do you give in or do you power through when you don’t feel motivated?

To cap it off, I ate a couple handfuls of M&M’s when I got home, trying to take in as much chocolate as possible, since tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. No chocolate for a long time.


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