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…week 4: Boston Training

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Week 4: Boston
Goal: 60 miles
Actual: 60 miles

Monday: 13 miles
I started this neighborhood run with the intention of only running 9. But as I began to review my running schedule, personal schedule, and work schedule for the week in my head, I began to make adjustments. Make this a 10 mile run. Then I won’t have to do as many the day or two before my 18 miler. Now I’m at 10, make this little loop for another 1.5. Well, I can do a .75 out and back and get all 13. While I didn’t feel great for the run, it was nice to have completed my mid-week long run so early.

Tuesday: 7.5 miles
Valentine’s Day. And a speed workout. That morning, the boy and I had determined that we wouldn’t be going out (he was suffering from the “I-can’t-taste-anything” portion of the cold I had given him), so I spent a little bit of time on the dreadmill knocking out a Jack Daniel’s time-prescribed ladder: 1200 at 5:16, 800 at 3:20, 600 at 2:16, 400 at 1:40, 200 at :49. Later, the boy surprised me with a bottle of wine and these:

And I surprised him with some Safeway Select Chicken Noodle Soup, salad, crackers, and even ice cream. I’m awesome like that. It was a very relaxing, quiet Valentine’s Day.

Wednesday: off day
I planned this off day so I could enjoy Happy Hour with a friend.

Thursday: 5.55 miles
Up at 4am so I could complete this easy run before work. I had a co-worker’s baby shower to attend right after work, and the plan was to do some late night yoga with another co-worker, Molly, after the shower. However, those plans changed when Molly had to head home to be with a sick fiancee. I was half tempted to get in another easy 3-4 miles, but called it a day when I started feeling pretty tired.

Friday: 9.15 miles
Feeling like a homebody and trying to avoid the ever present snow and ice that lingers on the trails, I stuck to the neighborhood with some mini-loops.

Saturday: 18 miles
My brother, Matt, is training for his first marathon! He’s been building his mileage and was due for a 14 miler. I had 18 on the schedule, so I arrived at our pre-determined location about 45 minutes prior to meeting him to knock out 4 on my own. Well, not exactly on my own. I have the boy’s dog, Chase, and he came along. Chase has run up to 14 miles with me and I was curious how he would handle all 18. Turns out he handled it just fine. And he probably ran more than 18, what with all of his running back and forth along the trail chasing rabbits and prairie dogs. I was shocked at his energy level. 2.5 hours of a run and he was still darting off in those final miles. Energizer Labrador. This long run felt good at an 8:35 pace. Matt and I were talking the whole time and the minutes just clicked away.

That night, I went to a friend’s house for a girls overnight. In total, four dogs were there, and Chase continued to run around and play. I thought for sure he would be sore the next day.

Sunday: 6.8 miles
We got home from my friend’s house around lunch time. I knew I needed to finish off my 60 mile week and kind of found the 7 miles needed to be daunting. I was considering piecing it out: 4 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon. But when Molly wanted to take a yoga class that night as a make-up to our lost yoga class on Thursday, I decided to just knock them all out at once. Although Chase showed no signs of being sore, I left him at home since he had been crashed out on his bed all day.

A few hours later, I joined Molly for an hour of Candlelight Flow Yoga, sans the candles. Whatever.

Reflection: I was pleased to hit 60 miles at this point. I’m feeling good for the most part, aside from some tightness in my left hip still. I’m trying to foam roll, heat, ice, and stretch as much as possible. I am now thinking too far ahead into the next few weeks after cutback. My 65-70 mile weeks, two in a row, are both of my parent/teacher conference weeks. Wondering how to hit the mileage and work 14 hour days. Hmmm…


One thought on “…week 4: Boston Training

  1. NICE week!! I like the goal and actual at the beginning, I might have to borrow that šŸ˜‰

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