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…or tries to


Ever had one of those weeks where you felt as though you just weren’t meant to run? Not because of effort or desire. Not because of injury. Not because you realize the sport isn’t for you. But simply because something or someone out there doesn’t want you to run.

Simply put, it’s not in the cards.

Well, I’m definitely having one of those weeks. I’m calling it my “cutback-cutback week.”

I started the week highly motivated for my cutback week. I had a solid 60 mile week previously, and I was looking forward to maintaining my training with some “shorter” runs for this week. I didn’t know that “shorter” would also mean “no” runs.

Tuesday and Wednesday were a joke with the 90mph winds we were having. Attempted the dreadmill in the fitness center, that 2nd day, but the window was shattered when a piece of patio furniture flew through it. When I attempted the same workout on Thursday, I was met with blown fuses. Twice.

I started my speedwork late, so I chose the dreadmill for lighting purposes. I did my 2 mile warm up and began my 800/400 combinations with a 400 rest between. During this time, several people had come into the once empty fitness center. They were all using the machines on the same wall (‘mills and stairsteppers). I had gone through one rotation, when a circuit blew. Two ‘mills were out. Mine being one of them. I tried to “reset” the machine. Plugging it in elsewhere. Another guy even tried to look for the breaker. Nothing. I decided to go home and come back later.

An hour later, and after eating half a box of Peanut Butter Puffins (seriously), I went back to the ‘mill in an attempt to finish the workout I had already started.

I arrived to a mostly empty fitness center, save the one girl jogging on a ‘mill. Sweet. Only two of us here. I can knock the rest of this out. I start a half mile warm up before my 800/400 combo’s. Sure enough, two more people walk in: one uses the other ‘mill and the other uses a stairstepper. All of us on one wall. I finish one combo and I wait for it…

Circuit blew. I quit.

4 miles total for the day. And not even at the same time.

I was initially upset. Disappointed. Even depressed. 3 days in a row, something has come up where I couldn’t run or couldn’t run how I wanted. But I decided that I wasn’t going to let my workouts effect my moods. I snapped out of it and chose to be happy that this cutback happened on a scheduled “cutback week.”

I am not meant to run this week. Or not much. We’ll see how today’s 10 miler will go. If or any of it. I’m expecting the best, though! I am!


2 thoughts on “…or tries to

  1. There is probably a reason. I’d go with the flow there. Are the peanut butter puffins some peanut buttery goodness that I’m missing out on?

  2. Sounds like the universe wants you to rest for a bit. I’m sure there is a good reason it’s best right now. Hopefully next week you will get some serious running done. 😉

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