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…week 5: Boston Training

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I’ve had no time to blog this week. Something about 4am alarms going off so that I can run before work; and two 13-hour work days thanks to parent/teacher conferences; and celebrating my dad’s final year in his 50’s. Blah, blah, blah. Excuses, I’m sure. But going to bed at 8:30 or 9:00 every night has been nice…

Needless to say, I’m a bit behind in my weekly training updates. It’s the end of week 6 and I’m just putting up week 5. And if any of you were following me here, on Twitter, or Dailymile, you may already know that last week’s “cutback” week was a joke. It was a “cutback-cutback” week. Felt like nothing was in the cards for me to run.

Week 5: Boston
Goal: 50 miles
Actual: 32 miles

Monday: 5 miles/9:30 pace
Erika and I met up at the Coal Creek Trail late morning, since we were off work that day. The trail was still icy and snowpacked from the storm several weeks ago that dropped 2 feet. Everything usually melts quickly here in CO with our sunny days, but it’s also been very cold here, which has made the snow and ice stick around and therefore our trails are icky. We switched to roads and running through the downtown area.

Tuesday: scheduled off day

Wednesday: forced off day
This was to be the first of several days this week where I would be forced to “not run.” Or so it seemed. Colorado was being hit with incredible wind! 90mph gusts! So I decided to make today my speedwork day and went to the dreadmill at my fitness center. However, my fitness center was CLOSED because the outdoor heavy-metal, pool/patio furniture was picked up by the wind and flung into one of the fitness center windows, shattering it into a million little pieces. No run…

Thursday: 4 miles with 2×800 and 2×400
Another attempt at my speedwork on the dreadmill. This time, there are so many people on the machines that the circuit blew. Twice. So, I called it a day.

Friday: 5 miles/8:38 pace
Wanted to run 10 miles at the Coal Creek Trail again, but the entire trailhead was closed. Looked like they were resurfacing the area. I went to another trailhead a little ways down. When I got about a 1/2 mile into the run, the trail was closed! I double backed and ran through the downtown area again. I just laughed. I couldn’t believe my week!

Saturday: 17.9 miles/8:39 pace
I was kind of expecting something to go wrong with todays run, seeing as the previous three runs were foiled for bizarre reasons. I met up with Erika, Danielle, and Erin (who is also running Boston) at the Cherry Creek Res in Denver. This was a preview for Erika’s 3rd half marathon. I was feeling okay until around my 12. Then, I started getting nauseous. I finished the run, but not feeling great. I really don’t know what causes this for me. I struggled with nausea a couple of years ago, switched some things up and it went away. I hope this is not a returning pattern.

Sunday: off day
With the way the week had been going, it didn’t seem to really matter if I had some junk miles today. 32 miles for the week or 36 wouldn’t make a difference. Plus, I knew that the next two weeks would be high mileage. I’d rather save my energy.

Reflection: I was really upset the first couple of days when things were going “wrong.” Then, I realized that I can’t control everything and that I should just take this opportunity to rest. I was finally okay with my week’s low mileage on Friday. Took me a while, but at least I got there!


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