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…week 7: Boston Training


Another week in the bag with not much time to go. As I finish my cutback and prepare for my last high mileage week, I begin to consider Boston a little more closely. This could be, in part, because one of my teammates will also be running Boston this year too. This is her first time, and Kelly has been asking a lot of questions as of late. Which I love! Not only is it running, but it’s Boston! We’ve discussed the course and fueling, as well as making sure we meet up the morning of the race in Boston Common to bus out together to Hopkinton. I’m getting so excited!

Week 7: Boston
Goal: 65 miles
Actual: 65.33 miles

Monday: 8.1 miles/8:31 pace
Met up with Erika for some conversation. She filled me in on her latest 1/2 marathon. After she left, I got in a few more miles, during which a huge brown cow came charging toward me on the trail, just missing me by a few strides. Who knew that cows knew physics! Runner A is traveling west at 8mph and Bessie Cow is traveling east at 12mph. How long will it take Bessie Cow to collide with Runner A…

Tuesday: 9 miles: 5 miles/3x400m hills and 4 miles/8:36 pace
Ran hills with Erika since I’ve been paranoid about the upcoming hills in Boston. Finished with a light cool down at lululemon.

Wednesday: 15 miles/8:26 pace
Solo for this run that was cloudy and 40 degrees colder than the previous day. I started later than I wanted and ended up running the last 30 minutes or so in complete dark. Headlamp was left in the car. On the upside, during the final few miles, I “ran” into a run club that was doing speed work in the same direction I was running. I inadvertently sped up when we were going back and forth passing each other. Made the run go faster. Obviously.

Thursday: off day
Final night of parent/teacher conferences

Friday: 9.08 miles: AM-5 miles/9:13 pace and PM-4.08 miles/8:55 pace
Double day! First run was beautiful with the sunrise at my left and the moonset on my right. The birds were out and it was the fresh, crisp Spring morning. My second run left my left feeling heavy, so I took an ice bath afterward. Haven’t done this in ages!

Saturday: 20 miles/8:47 pace
My brother met me for my first 9 miles at the Boulder Res. We then met up with Erika and Danielle for our final miles. Matt needed 17, so we turned around in our out-and-back and dropped him off at his car. They finished my final 3 with me. Tried salt tablets for the first time and I think I liked them! I wasn’t nauseous at all and I actually still had some energy at the end! I had major cottonmouth by the time I took my second one around mile 17. Still want to try them the next few weeks.

Sunday: 4.15 miles/8:32 pace
Slept in today and made an easy run around the boy’s neighborhood. Followed up with some relaxing and some Beau Jo’s pizza. Mmmm…

I made it! The second week of high miles for marathon training. Next up is a cutback week and I’m feeling like I need to give extra attention to my legs: stretching, foam rolling, ice bathing, etc. They were feeling really tired by the end of this week and I want them ready to go when I hit 70 next week.


4 thoughts on “…week 7: Boston Training

  1. You are so on track for a strong race. It’s really inspiring to read about your training!

  2. Run. Runrunrunrun. RUNRUNRUNRUN!!!!!!!
    Pizza. Yay! But I don’t notice any beer or wine. Hope you aren’t stinting on that.

    • Of course not. There has been plenty of it. You know me better than that! Although, come April 1st, I’ll go dry. Or so Nick and I say… We’ll see about that!

  3. Freakin awesome mileage!! Hats off to you my friend! I know you will have a great race!!

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