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I recently posted about this virtual training and 5k run beginning on March 18th. This is in 3 days people!!

And let’s be honest, I’m not training for a 5k. I think they’re painful. In more ways than one. No no, I’m still fully devoted to Boston. In fact, this 5k falls the weekend after Boston. I will not be running fast for this 5k. Not. At. All.

So why am I even bothering to train/run it? Because IT WILL BE FREAKING AWESOME!!! And in some ways it will remind me of my coaching days. Back when I thought I made a difference to high school runners. Now I just think I make a difference to Chase since he runs 18 miles with me. He never loved me so much. I just like to get all Cesar Milan on him and dominate with exercise. Anyway, I want to encourage people. People who have run for years. People who are new runners. I love to talk running, so why not be a part of potentially life changing for someone?! Yeah, see, you’ve got nothing.

Workouts will be tracked through’s FREE trainer. Once your profile has been set up, you can begin to connect with Coach Meg (the gal who is heading it up, who is even based in Boulder) and the other challengers. You will receive weekly training programs, tips, and feedback. For many of us, who already have a means for tracking our runs (i.e. dailymile), this may seem like yet another thing to do, but by taking a few extra minutes to input your workout on you might be able to motivate and encourage that one runner…or many (new and veteran)!

On the weekend of April 21st and 22nd, you will participate in your own virtual 5k. This can be a 5k that you personally register for, and race. Or, you can simply go for a 5k run from your front door! On Sunday afternoon, a “post-race party” will be held on Spark’s facebook page, so we can celebrate our accomplishment.

The first day of virtual training begins Sunday, March 18th. To get all the details and instructions, email Coach Meg:

Also, join their facebook page for articles and posts about each challengers progress.

Do this with a friend, a group, or go solo. But, do this to spark positive behavior!


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