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…week 8: Boston Training

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Week 8: Boston
Goal: 50-55 miles
Actual: 48.18 miles

Monday: 8 miles/8:30 pace
A nice and warm afternoon on a “newer” trail. I have only run this once and was happy to see that it even continued at my turnaround point of 4 miles. I looked later and it actually connects to the backside of another trail I frequent: Marshall Mesa.

Tuesday: 5.68 miles/8:38 pace
Ran 7×400’s with Erika for my speedwork. The 400’s were at a 5k pace and felt good with some quick turnover.

Wednesday: 10 miles/9:01 pace
I haven’t been doing much trail running since I like to train similar to what my race will be. And apparently Boston is NOT a trail run. I like the trails though, so I ran with Erika for the first 2/3 of the run and took the final part solo.

Thursday: 6 miles/8:33 pace
My legs were feeling pretty tired today. Which I thought was strange since it was a cutback week.

Friday: off day

Saturday: 18.5 miles/8:27 pace
I ran a lap around Coot Lake and the Boulder Res, then met Erika for a new trail that I had been researching. It’s the Cottontail/LoBo trail that takes you from Boulder to Longmont. It was a beautiful day with clear skies and a mountain backdrop!

Sunday: off day

I wasn’t too worried that I didn’t even meet the low end of my goal. I knew that the following week would be the final big one before the taper (that’s the week I am currently running).


One thought on “…week 8: Boston Training

  1. Wow. That’s a fast 18+ miler!!!! Colorado is a beautiful place to run, right!?!!

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