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…week 9: Boston Training


My final high mileage week. And the biggest week I’ve recorded yet! 70 miles! I knew I would be road-tripping to Minnesota with the boy on Friday after school, and we would be on the road until Saturday evening. I had to get in as many miles as I could before Friday at 4pm. This meant running my final long run, of 22 miles, on a weeknight.

Week 9: Boston
Goal: 70 miles
Actual: 70.08 miles

Monday: 15 miles/7:57 pace
A lousy workday allowed me to push the pace a bit in order to get out my frustrations. Erika joined me for my first 5 and I was thankful for the company.

Tuesday: 10 miles/6×800 (3:26, 3:11, 3:03, 3:06, 3:09, 3:05)
A warm day with Erika for repeats. She was due for 400’s, me 800’s. We managed to do a lot of passing back and forth on the trail depending on our rest/run time. It made for some good encouragement! The first two 800’s were slow (I blame uphill and a slight headwind), but the final 4 evened out and I was happy with them! I took a very long and slow cooldown.

Wednesday: 11 miles: AM-5 miles/9:38 pace AND PM-6 miles/9:14 pace
Double Day! My morning run was slow and easy. The hardest part was passing the two Starbucks. That afternoon, I had only scheduled another 5 miler, but Erika and I ended up meeting Jean and Becky for a couple of miles before heading out on our pre-planned course. I was okay with the extra mile since I wanted as many as possible before Friday afternoon.

Thursday: 22 miles/8:35 pace
I was nervous for this one. The boy says I always say that before my long runs. But this time it was really true! I don’t typically run my long runs after work, and I wondered if I was eating and drinking right that day. I was lucky enough to have company the ENTIRE time! Danielle joined me for my first 10 miles, where we met up with Erika, who joined me for my final 12. My low points were miles 13, 17, and 19. I certainly couldn’t have done it alone. Those last few miles I always feel a little out of it. But I was done!

Friday: 4 miles/10:28 pace
I had high hopes of running this morning just to knock out a few more miles. I knew that I just needed to play it by ear though since I would only have 9.5 hours of rest between that 22 miler and this recovery run. When I started out, I told myself 4-5 miles total, as slow as I need. I cut it at 4 and called it good since my legs were like jelly.

Saturday: off day/road trip

Sunday: 8.08 miles/8:19 pace
Sea level is nice. I ran a trail in Forest Lake, Minnesota before heading three hours north. I was SO happy to finish up this week feeling good.

I was crabby this week. I know because I was told by the boy. And I agree! The workweek started out pretty lousy and I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to finish those 70 miles strong. And to finish the majority of them before Friday. I had 62 miles before we left. I was holding it together pretty well emotionally. Then the long run. Then Friday road trip. Then very little sleep coupled with exhaustion. Then more road tripping on Saturday. Then my emotional moment Saturday night. Or moments. I think I finally felt better when I had completed the final 8 on Sunday and the high mileage week was over.

I don’t remember feeling so emotional in the past PRIOR to the taper. Sure, the taper messes with my head, my emotions, my body, but this week leading up to taper was tough.

Now for true taper tantrums!

I apologize in advance, boyfriend.


4 thoughts on “…week 9: Boston Training

  1. That is a lot of running. I can just picture you in the car, the boy driving, you with your feet up on the dash, or out the window for a semblance of icing. Ah, Minnesota, sea level?? I guess compared to Boulder. Have fun with the taper. Just remember, chocolate and wine is good during taper.

  2. I am sooooo with you. Today is better than yesterday. And I was going to say wine and sleep 😉 That’s my answer today!

  3. Great week! I love that you call him “the boy.” That’s what I call my husband – ha! 🙂

  4. WOW!!!!!!! 70 miles. That’s incredible!!! Haha. I like your taper tantrums. That’s funny. 🙂

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