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…in Minnesota

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This past week was my Spring Break, so the boy and I drove out to Minnesota for his niece’s 2nd birthday and to see family. The day before we left, I had run my final long run of 22 miles, so I was a little nervous about tight legs as we sat in the truck for too many hours. But the boy broke it up really nicely for me with some planned and some forced stops along the way. He takes care of me like that.

Unfortunately, we missed the unusually warm and sunny spring that MN was having leading up to our arrival. Instead, we got overcast, cool, and rainy days. But, I finished up my 70 mile week (albeit in tears) and started looking forward to dreading some tapering.

A few hours north, at the lake house (doesn’t everyone have a lake house in MN?!) where the boy grew up (which I think is pretty cool), we settled in for a few days of no plans and nothing to do. As much as we like having no plans and nothing to do, too much of it and we get a little antsy.

So after some running, some playing, some spending time with his family, we loaded up and headed out west for the long way home. The goal: Avoid interstates as much as possible. And we managed pretty well.

We had made plans for some stops along the way. I hadn’t been to Mt. Rushmore since I was pretty little, so I insisted we go. The Crazy Horse Monument, Sturgis, Deadwood, and The Badlands made the cut too. We carefully planned out the course so that we wouldn’t be backtracking on the same backroads.

The Badlands

Wild Bill Hickok's gravesite

Mount Rushmore

Crazy Horse Monument: plan is in the forefront; progress so far in the background

You can thank my mad iPhone camera taking abilities for those shots. You’re welcome.

After 2+ days of traveling the roads, we were ready to head home. Two cleanly people who enjoy soap and showers, but went without…I think our love grew exponentially on this road trip. Love to the 3rd.

But of course, before that shower, I had to run. Why not smell a little bit more?

Ah…it’s always good to be back in Colorado.


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