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…week 10: Boston Training

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Week 10: Boston
Goal: 50-55 miles
Actual: 46.69 miles

Monday: 5.2 miles/8:37 pace
Running around the boy’s hometown in northern Minnesota. The weather had changed and it was now overcast, chilly, and windy. I immediately missed the sun. I spent this one thinking about Boston and all it encompasses. I’m excited!

Tuesday: 10.3 miles/8:43 pace
Big loop around Eshquagama Lake, where the boy grew up. Easy warm-up followed by 5×600’s. The wind had them much slower than planned, but at least I felt the pace change. Nice long cool down.

Wednesday: 8.94 miles/8:10 pace
Smaller loop around Eshquagama Lake with a faster pace than expected. My hips were pretty tight for this entire run.

Thursday: off
Road trip back home.

Friday: 4.15 miles/8:29 pace
An easy run to loosen up the legs after sitting in the truck for 2.5 days. Nice to be back in Colorado! I missed the warm weather.

Saturday: 14.1 miles/8:40 pace
The first half felt sluggish. I blame the taper, but it could have been the heat and the residual effects of the road trip. Chase ran with me, but wasn’t feeling up to it. We ended a mile earlier than planned, but when Chase immediately laid down in the shade, I knew it was the best choice.

Sunday: 4 miles/8:47 pace
After a morning spectating the Boulder Spring Half Marathon, I ran another easy 4 miler. Pace was slow. Go figure.

First week of taper went alright. I was a few miles short of my goal, but in the end, I’m not sure those few miles will matter. I got my long run in and I got some speedwork in. At this point, it’s just keeping my head in the game. But I feel like my thoughts about Boston are all over the place. I need to start thinking about my plan for this one with my three goals.


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