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…Boston in 6 days!


It’s here! The final week before Boston! I’m feeling so lucky to be able to run Boston a 2nd time. It’s been three years, and I am a much stronger and experienced distance runner. We’ll see if my time reflects that!

Speaking of time, I have three plans running through my head. While I’m not sure I can post them yet, I am trying to be conservative without underestimating myself. I’ve sold myself short a lot of time in races, but it hasn’t been intentional. I don’t undersell myself just so I can have these amazing feelings or times compared to how I thought I would do. I think I am just a conservative and safe “better” when it comes to races. This has 20 years of backing. Not sure how much I’ll be changing in that department.

So this week I just plan my goals. And hydrate. And rest. And obsess over the predicted weather. And what I’ll wear. And run very little which drives me nuts.

Yet the days will tick off…

The boy and I head out on Saturday, and I am beyond excited to share this experience with him. He has been more than just supportive during these past 12 weeks of training. He encourages and pushes me to do more than I thought I could.


PS-Any readers who may be in Boston this year too, let me know so we can meet up and kill some time with photos and conversation at Athlete's Village! :)

2 thoughts on “…Boston in 6 days!

  1. I’ll be there. We’re getting in on Thursday night and doing some family stuff, but I should be around and I’d love to meet you. Shoot me a message (fb or dm) and I’ll send along my call #. Good luck with the rest of the taper. I woke at 5am unable to go back to sleep because thought just kept churning through my stressed little mind.

  2. So proud of you my friend!! You will do amazing at Boston!! I will be tracking you and cheering you from afar!! xoxo

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