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…week 11: Boston Training

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Didn’t quite make the goal, but they would have been junk miles anyway. I could have added an extra warm up mile or cool down mile in my speed workout, but again, not totally necessary. So, I remain calm about my lack of goal-meeting during taper.

Boston: Week 11
Goal: 40 miles
Actual: 33.2 miles

Monday: off day
This was catch up day for being gone 8 days during Spring Break. Laundry. Bills. Work. Etc.

Tuesday: 5.04 miles/8:32 pace
A chilly run with Erika before a much needed sports massage. If you are in Colorado, go to Amy! Best massage I have ever had. Ever. She does a thorough consultation before starting and even uses her feet at the end. Yeah. That’s awesome in my book.

Wednesday: 5.9 miles/8:15 pace
3×1600’s. 6:12, 6:15, 6:47. I started the first one pretty fast, but didn’t realize my overall pace until I was almost done. I had intended something closer to 6:30. The second one seemed fast too. And it was. I was spent and knew I couldn’t handle another at that pace, so I purposely slowed it down for the final one.

Thursday: 8 miles/8:45 pace
My legs were feeling some effect form the speed the previous day, but I ran 6 with Erika, followed by 2 solo.

Friday: 4.16 miles/9:17 pace
Extremely windy! Like, faster-to-walk kind of windy! I cried the whole time I ran directly into the wind. Ugh.

Saturday: 10.1 miles/8:59 pace
Erika and I ran a trail we hadn’t run since last summer. It was nice to chat ultras and Boston with her.

Sunday: off day
I could have run, if I had gotten up extra early, but I felt better about sleeping in a bit. After church, the boy and I went to a friends house for lunch and then my parents house for dinner. Can you say food coma?

I wasn’t too concerned with pace this week. I was lower than planned on mileage, but I got the speedwork and long run in as typical.


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