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…Boston with a different plan?


I wasn’t nervous about running Boston this year. I wasn’t nervous about the course. I was planning on running this marathon like I’ve run the other 6. I was planning on replaying the same mantras in my head. That is, until I saw 85 degrees for the high that day. Then everything changed.

(yes, that’s three sites I’ve been checking; call me obsessive, I really don’t care)

Now, I’m rethinking it all.

Adjusting my three goal times to something a little more heat-conscious. Adding some mantras like: Drink early, drink often. Taking my salt tablets a little more often. Hoping that spectators have wet paper towels, and taking as many as I can! Wearing sunscreen. Considering carrying water now.

The truth is, I’m still so freaking excited to go! And despite the weather, I’m going to run it the best I know how.

And then I’m going to hope that boyfriend throws ice chips at me when he sees me during the race.

Tomorrow, we leave!


4 thoughts on “…Boston with a different plan?

  1. Good luck! Kick some Boston butt!

  2. I’ve seen a few Boston blogs where runners are worried about the temperture. Just do your best, have fun and kick butt. 🙂

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