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…through a few more Boston thoughts


Thanks to everyone for your support in my running of the Boston Marathon this year! Your encouraging comments/tweets mean so much to me!

The night of the marathon, I got a little emotional with the boy. The fact is, I was disappointed. But, I couldn’t really pinpoint why. Boston was reportedly the 2nd slowest in its’ history and also the 2nd hottest. Given this, I should probably have just been happy to run it experience it and know that one day someone will ask me if I had known anyone who ran “that one really hot year in Boston.”

Part of me was disappointed that one of my best training cycles, with my highest mileage week ever, had gone to waste. That I had pushed myself so hard, even when my work weeks were absolutely nuts, to make sure I hit all of my daily workouts.

I was disappointed that my body had responded so poorly to the heat and fueling. I worked through the same nauseau/lightheadedness once before and never expected it to hit me again. Especially at Boston.

And I was disappointed with my time. About halfway through the marathon, I began negotiated with myself. Maybe I can make it in by this time. A few miles later. Maybe I can give myself 10 extra minutes. A few miles later. Maybe I can beat my old PW. A few miles later. Maybe I can beat the next half hour mark. All of these thoughts were weaved between thoughts of gratitude for just being there again. Just being thankful for the ability to run. Just trying to enjoy the experience and take from it what I could. See things I hadn’t seen before. Notice things I hadn’t before. Focus on the journey, not the destination.

Because of all things, you can’t control the weather.

The truth is, I’m pretty hard on myself. I set expectations. And often, when they don’t come to fruition, it takes me some time to cope. I knew I’d come around. I always come around.

So, I had my night (and maybe a few moments since) of frustration and disappointment, but I’ve managed them well. I’ve chalked this up to a great experience and I’m definitely happy that I ran the race and completed it without visiting the medical tents. That alone was probably a big enough feat!

While I’m not turned off by running (not sure I every could be), I am turned off by marathons. At least for the time being. I didn’t really have any marathons in my long term plans after Boston, anyway. Instead, I’m anxious to get moving toward a new goal…

PS-I heart you boyfriend. Thanks for you-know-what.


12 thoughts on “…through a few more Boston thoughts

  1. A new goal. Bigger. Better. Shinier. Hmmm. Are Ironman Canada or the Canadian Deathrace sufficiently badass for you? Or, if you’re really, really up for a challenge, doing the 2012 Calgary Stampede.

    • What are these races that you speak of?!

      • Let’s see. Ironman Canada I think we’ve talked about and you aren’t hot on swimming, as I recall. The Canadian Deathrace is 125 K over a couple mountain ranges and across a river, but there’s a ferry so you don’t have to swim. And while there is a Stampede road race, I was thinking more of the whole 12 day extravaganza as a true marathon even. In Calgary, to “go stampeding” is an active verb, a very active verb. Most people are tired after one day, and knackered after two. But there are 12 days. I think you’d enjoy watching a major city losing it’s collective marbles.

      • I’ve heard rumor of the Ironman. Apparently, they are in multiple locations. But it’s that swimming thing… The others sound VERY interesting! Like a North Face Endurance Challenge.

  2. I just read through your reports. Man girl you have a ton of mental strength. Most people would have just thrown in the towel and did a big DNF. Not you. I know it’s a disapointment – you worked so hard for this goal and it did not go how you planned. But all I think when I read your reports is STRENGTH, DETERMINATION. Job well done.

    PS: I love how it was the *jacket* that was one of the things that kept you in the game.

  3. Ditto on all of the above! We’ll see how my decision to jump back on the horse again (next marathon in 2 weeks!) works out for me. I have my doubts…I have my hopes. Can’t wait to hear what the new plan will be…for both of us 😉

    PS: The jacket kept me going too – I didn’t want to have to send it back 😉

  4. I think I’ll just copy and paste this and post it to my race report but change Boston to nashville.. =) your thoughts are my thoughts not put on paper yet…

  5. Rebekah thank you so much for writing out your experience. It made me cry reading and reliving the experience. I have been in the same sort of disappointed/emotional mood whenever I think about Boston; to the point that I haven’t been able to write out my story. Reading your blog has inspired me to get over it and finally write it down.

    I have to say that I am so happy to have found you on the course among the thousands of other runners slogging it to Bolyston. Thank you for running with me and for your words of encouragement. It made such a difference to have you there!

    I didn’t realize that when we saw your family, you gave them a thumbs down sign. The race is kind of a blur in many spots and I think I was clinging to the aid stations and not much else. Let’s just say I wasn’t very observant. I knew that you were having a tough time. I just want to say that you were, and still are, an inspiration to me! Took a lot of guts to stay in the race and finish. Thank you for being part of my first Boston experience! I’ll never forget it. Hope to see you again soon. xo Amanda

    • I think Boston is a tricky thing. It plays with your mind before, during, and after, like no other marathon will. You end up coping with Boston when the time is right. Took me much longer after my 1st Boston, and my time was significantly better! 🙂 I was lucky to have you by my side through much of the course. Perhaps we will meet again at a race! But, I will probably be back to WA this summer. So, I hope to see you then!

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