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…not nearly enough


The last two weeks have been slow.  At least in the running sense.  There has been so much going on at work, as we wrap up the school year.   Assessments, grading, report cards, end-of -year events, budget cuts, do-I-have-a-job-next-year-fears, yes-and-you-will-move-to-3rd-grade-excitement, etc.  Not to mention the several social engagements last week that sort of got in the way of running.  But they were worth it.  Stress relievers.

This week, I’ve been sick.  Not “puking my brains out” sick, but “coughing up a lung” sick.  Since Sunday, I’ve been on a steady diet of cough drops and hot tea.  And that’s really about it.  Not much of an appetite for anything.  So, even if I could run, I have no energy to.  I’ve pretty much lost my voice completely, which the boy says is always good news.  And my students like it because that means they get to play teacher and do all the read-alouds for the rest of the class.  And I like it because my class is quiet all day so they can hear me whispering directions.  It’s pretty much the best way to end a school year.

But, like any runner who isn’t running, I’m antsy.  I just want to run.  Especially with all the races I have coming up (see that right sidebar).  I’m feeling behind in training!  In just a few weeks, I’ll be racing a sprint relay from Fort Collins to Boulder with 4 others.  I’m so excited to race this one!  Each leg is only 1.5-3 miles each, so the turnover will be quick.  But I think 2 Dicks and 3 Janes is going to do well!

For now, I rest.  Soon enough, I’ll be back to the trails and the planning and the long runs.


2 thoughts on “…not nearly enough

  1. Nyquil. Great stuff in the coughing up a lung department.
    Did you ever see the video of the parents that tell their kids that they all ALL the Halloween candy they had collected? I’d love to tell the second graders you forgot to teach them something so they have to take second grade again and you will try to remember next year. While a video camera is running, of course.

    Hope you’re back running soon.

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