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…East Crosier Trail

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The boy had been searching for a new trail for us to ride/run. On a mountain biking site, he had seen the East Crosier trail mentioned. Since it was to be 90 degrees for the day, and the trail was up the canyon, we thought we’d give it a go hoping for cooler temps. Not to mention the fact that the boasted 3100 foot elevation gain in 4 miles had our interest piqued. The only other trail info we could find was: Steep, rocky trail that can be ridden as an out-and-back, shuttle, or loop with road ride.


We had a later start, at least by my standards. By 1pm, though, some clouds were starting to role in, which cooled everything off a little more.

The incline started immediately and I knew I was in for a tough run.

See that mountain in the background? Yeah, the trail goes right up that. The first mile was a slow, slow jog. After that, the incline was entirely too steep to run. At least based on my amateur trail running experience. And even though the elevation wasn’t ridiculous, it felt as though I were much higher, just due to the steep terrain. Out. Of. Breath. I hiked/ran what I could until the 4 mile point, where Garmin told me I was at 8650 feet. I suppose I could have continued, hoping for that 9100 feet, but my legs were jello after my 14er workout only several days prior. Took me over an hour to make it up. Yikes.

Instead, I decided to get down the mountain, find the boy, and head home for some Beau Jo’s pizza. At about 2.5 miles out from the trailhead, I find him reclining on a rock overlooking the canyon. He said it was one of the worst trails he’s ever ridden. He even ran into other hikers who said they don’t even bother riding it. So there you go.

Once we made it down, I was exhausted and a little out of it. On the way out of the canyon, I was also met with one of those nasty nauseous spells from…well, who knows what.

After resting a bit at home, I forced down some cheesy bread, water, and finally, when feeling 100%, a couple of pieces of pizza. Back to normal.

Needless to say, I highly doubt we’ll hit that trail again. Ouch. And I really want something I am able to run for longer than a mile. I may be a weak trail runner, but I think I am capable of going farther than a mile, just not at that incline. Or, I really need to toughen up!


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