The Blonde Runs

Colorado lovin'

…at thirty-one


I turned 31 today. And I did the best thing I knew to start the day. I ran.

I don’t mind getting older. In a way, I like it. At least as long as I continue to be mistaken for a twenty-six year old. True story(ies).

Here’s to a happy year of running!


5 thoughts on “…at thirty-one

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! here’s to 31 MORE years of waking up to run!!! or 26 =) ….

  2. Happy Birthday!!! =)

  3. Happy Birthday! Getting older is actually pretty awesome. Just make sure to use sunscreen every day!!

  4. Happy belated b-day! I actually turned 31 the day before you!
    I saw you were following me on twitter, so i figured it was time I checked out your blog. My boyfriend and I are actually trying to move to Boulder, so I love all the info 🙂

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