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…into Boulder for Scott Jurek’s Eat & Run book tour


This past Thursday, Scott Jurek came home to Boulder to promote his first book, Eat & Run. I was particularly excited as I had just received the book as a birthday gift from my brother.

The 250-seat theater was full, save a few seats here and there; of course smelling of patchouli and sweat, like only Boulder can. While the DJ provided a lighthearted atmosphere, we were here for one reason: Scott Jurek.

After a short promo video, Scott read a brief excerpt from the book, referencing his Badwater experience.

Anton Krupicka, Buzz Burrell, and Mike Sandrock, joined Scott on stage for a Q&A on ultrarunning. While the questions popcorned to each of the four around the table (everything from ultras, to footwear, to vegan diets), I was hoping to hear more from Scott. However, it is a book tour, so I suppose the purpose is to create some anticipation with the story. Okay, okay…

Afterwards, I was the sucker who waited in line for half an hour to get him to sign my book.

And took the iconic I’m-a-fan-you’re-my-hero-I-wanna-be-like-you-when-I-grow-up celebrity photo. He’s quite tall, especially considering I’m already 5’11”. Just kidding! But he is 6’2″.

Well, time to eat, run, and plan an ultra!


7 thoughts on “…into Boulder for Scott Jurek’s Eat & Run book tour

  1. Awesome ! I wish he were coming down to South florida !

  2. Want to do Comrades next June? BWAHAHAHA!

  3. whew! fun evening, eh? glad he was sitting down when i took my pic with him…i’m a whopping 4’10”!

  4. ha! I just noticed you were sitting one row up to the left of us – in your 1st picture – my friend Terzah is the girl on the right with the reddish blond hair and green shirt.

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