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…away from the wildfires!

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I’ve been a little distracted with all the fires in Colorado.

First it was High Park Fire, destroying the boy’s and my Fort Collins playground. He lives just 15 miles from the fire and he has been breathing smoke the last 20 days. Then, it was Waldo Canyon Fire, where my sister-in-law’s hometown is burning to the ground and only getting worse. Her family is threatened and it’s all very unnerving. And just yesterday, a fire in Boulder, the Flagstaff Fire, started in yet another of my favorite places to run. I had just summited Bear Peak on Thursday, and this morning, it’s ablaze. The Treasure Fire is burning in Leadville and has closed Mosquito Pass, causing concern for the Leadville Heavy Half Marathon this Saturday.

The handful of other fires around the state are just as disheartening. We are sad and frustrated over here in Colorado. Therefore, this little corner of my world has been on hold. Everything else just seems so trivial.

Flagstaff Fire

Flames visible on the east side of the ridge

Find out more from some of my Colorado girls here and here. They wrote more. And more eloquently.

I do have a Father’s Day post in the works. Coming soon.


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