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…back-to-back races


This is the weekend I’ve been waiting for! The weekend I overbooked myself to run. On purpose.

A few weeks before Boston, I registered for two races, back-to-back. The Leadville Heavy Half on Saturday, June 30th, and the Steamboat Mountain Madness Half on Sunday, July 1st. At the time, I thought, no big deal; I’m feeling great and I can maintain some decent mileage, while giving my body some recovery time after the marathon. Plus, these races were three months away from when I registered. Plenty of time to get in the training I needed.

I did pretty well with keeping up with some long runs and weekly mileage, until I got sick. Being out of commission for 9 days kind of felt like a set-back. And when I was finally back to running again, it was already the beginning of June. Oh sure, I’ve had plenty of trail runs and even “ran” some 14er’s (as best as that can be done), but overall, I don’t feel quite as ready as I’d like to be. But how often do we really feel “ready” for a race?

I know these two races won’t really be raced. I never intended to do so. That should take some pressure off! The Leadville Heavy Half is actually a 15.46 mile course; an out and back over Mosquito Pass, that until recently was closed due to a wildfire. The course profile is a little daunting, but I will approach as I would if I were running/hiking a 14er. At least I get to run back down! The other major factor for this race will be the altitude. The silver lining is that this will be a PR race since it isn’t truly a 13.1 race course! Yippee! I’m lucky to run with my friend, Danielle!

The Steamboat Mountain Madness Half is an actual 13.1 half. The course will be over several county roads and parallel the Yampa River at some points. I love Steamboat and just want to enjoy the area when I’m running. I think my legs will be pretty shot after the previous day anyway. At least elevation won’t be too much of a worry since I’ll be dropping 4000′ to run this one. That hill might hurt though! I’m lucky to run this one with Erika!

And of course, the boy (and the dog) will be there the entire weekend, cheering me on, taking pics, and just looking hot on the side of the course when I pass him.

My plan: Have fun. Exclamation points. I really have no choice but to just enjoy these races for what they are. Slow it down. Just have fun!

I’ll try to tweet along the way. Maybe even a pic or two. Albeit, blurry. Because we all know my iPhone pics look as though I just breathed on the lens to give it a blurred look. *don’t judge; holding out for iPhone 5*

Hoping to finally meet the running couple of the year, while I’m in Leadville! LC will be running the full, and he has a good overview of both the half and full on his site. Go.


13 thoughts on “…back-to-back races

  1. You are so freakin badass. Glad I got to meet you the other night, and good luck on both races!

  2. Good luck and have a great time!

  3. It’s going to be awesome! Good luck and see you tomorrow!

  4. Whew – have fun…and then get some rest! 😉

  5. I’m a little late, but Good luck! Enjoy it! Can’t wait to see you!

  6. Hope it all went well. Looking forward to those porny blurry photos. Hmmm, I’m usually so focussed on your blog, that I missed you had really expanded your blogroll. Now I have some exploring to do…

  7. hope you had an ice bath today!! you are hard core woman!!

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