The Blonde Runs

Colorado lovin'

…to Whistler


Okay friends and readers,

I am off to Whistler in the morning, via Seattle.

I’m sure it looks like this right now:

The boy will be doing this:

But I will be doing this:

Too bad this guy is so far from Whistler. He could bring the kitties and Linda and cookies.

I’ll be on the Tweet and on the Instagram the next few days. Keep a lookout for good things in 140 characters or less!


*Images from here and here and here.

3 thoughts on “…to Whistler

  1. Have a great trip! It looks beautiful!

  2. Whistler is nice, though it’s been many, many years since I was last there. I’m told they totally weenieized the road there for the Olympic wimp spectators. Enjoy your visit!

  3. enjoy! I love that part of the world…

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