The Blonde Runs

Colorado lovin'

…around Canada


Here is a photo-doc of our trip to Canada.

Atop Whistler Mountain Peak (~7,000 feet elevation)

Bear Sighting #1

Bear Sighting #2

Gina’s Tri in Squamish, about 40 minutes southwest of Whistler



Shannon Falls, Squamish, BC

Canada/US Border (Peace Arch)

Goofball really does love my kisses, despite the face…

If you know me on facebook, more pictures are uploaded there.

This was too much fun, people. Boyfriend and I could move here. Truth.

I’m working on another mountain biking video for the boy. He wasn’t too keen on my music selection. 🙂 As I clearly suspected… haha!


8 thoughts on “…around Canada

  1. I’ve wanted to go to BC for a long long time. Guess it’s time C and I head up there!

  2. Gee, that Canada place sure is nice! Come longer next time!

  3. love these pictures! so jelly you got to spend time with G! she seems like such a great gal! ps: if you move… I’M COMING TOO!!!!!

    • Gina is a gem! I already lived there, silly! That’s how I know G! When I moved back here to CO, we stayed great friends! But I love it in the PacNW. Beautiful. Green. Lush. And there is water!!!! Not like our fake water here. 😉

  4. Great photos…and I’m happy to see you had some sunshine there. (The following week, not so much.) It was so great seeing you again. Keep up the great posts about your running – you are motivating me to get my butt out of bed and put on my running shoes in the morning ;).

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