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…to a GoodBelly Promo Event/GIVEAWAY!!!


Last month I attended a promotional event for GoodBelly. GoodBelly is a Boulder-based company that produces a probiotic juice drink intent on replacing the bad bacteria in your body with good bacteria. With 6 pounds of bacteria in each of our bodies, it’s important that the good outweigh the bad for healthy digestion. Here’s a little video to catch you up on probiotics, your intestines, and how it all works for your best health.

There you have it! And with over 10 juice flavors to choose from, anyone is bound to find the right one for their palate. Juices can be found through GoodBelly+, BigShot, StraightShot, and quarts. Most importantly, they are all dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan drinks.

GoodBelly has been featured on the Today show as well as in Justin Timberlake’s fridge. So why isn’t in your fridge?

Personally, this product really hit home. A great friend of mine is in remission for Colitis and GoodBelly has done wonders for those with Colitis or Crohns. They have even partnered with CCFA for a few of their walks in California.

The wonderful thing about GoodBelly is that they offer a 12 day challenge. Try it for 12 days and they guarantee you will feel a difference! Or your money back! Now that’s a challenge worth taking! I just started mine and you should too!

GoodBelly would love to do a GIVEAWAY on my blog for the 12 day challenge! THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE A 12 DAY SUPPLY OF GOODBELLY! FREE!


If you want to play:

Please LEAVE A COMMENT telling me which flavor you’d like to try. This means you actually need to clickity-click on over to GoodBelly’s website.

For an extra entry, TWEET about my giveaway! Just leave another comment letting me know you tweeted.

And for a super extra entry, MENTION my giveaway on your blog and tell me you did so in the comments.

The contest will end on Thursday and the winner announced on Friday!


You can find more info here:


*Not open to residents outside of the USofA. Sorry… 😦


11 thoughts on “…to a GoodBelly Promo Event/GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. oh a giveaway! how fun is that?! i’ve been seeing people rave about this stuff.

    i think grapefruit would be delicious!

  2. I love giveaways, and the blueberry acai sounds super-yummy! I also mentioned the giveaway and your blog on mine.

  3. The Lemon-Ginger sounds intriguing…I’d love to give it a try. Thanks!

  4. I would love to try the Pomagranite-blackberry flavor!

  5. i LOVE good belly!! the hubs and I usually pick it up when it’s on sale! I love the blueberry acai!! and I tweeted about the giveaway too!

  6. Humpf. I’m sorry too. I was all set to go see if they had chocolate.

  7. Goodbelly sounds awesome! I would love to try the cranberry watermelon!
    I tweeted too!

  8. Alice mentioned my giveaway, so this is the extra entry for her! πŸ™‚

  9. Holly tweeted about the giveaway, so this is the extra entry for her! πŸ™‚

  10. jumpeatrun tweeted! This is her extra entry! πŸ™‚

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