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…a little bit longer


Oh, hey you guys.

Funny how parent/teacher conferences can just take over your life. And I don’t even mean for those three nights of conferences; but for all the hours of prep that happen after hours. And all the follow up from conferences that has to happen after hours. And I’m going to tell you: my after hours are pretty darn precious. As are yours! So, needless to say, my after hours have not been used for posting here. They’ve been used for running and boyfriending and going to bed early.

So how’s running? I know from all of your tweets and posts that you all are just fine. Luckily, I am too. It’s such a good feeling! Every run now is a little bit longer and a little bit stronger. I am anxiously shopping for races in the near future. Nothing long, quite yet. But just a goal to push me forward.

More on my PT experiences, hamstring strengthening/rehabbing, and increased mileage AFTER conferences. I just have to hang on until next weekend. Because this week is going to be a long one…


5 thoughts on “…a little bit longer

  1. I am completely, totally positive that Calgary will have a race the perfect length, at the perfect time, just for you. However, the weather might, maybe, just perhaps be a little bit dodgy. To console you, there will be wine, though there is a private supplier for that.

  2. Glad to hear you are back running again…I hear there are some great races about two hours north of Seattle…

  3. One of the few things I don’t miss about teaching. 🙂 Running is going great!

  4. Glad Parent/Teacher conferences are now over!! Yay for being back to running!! xo

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