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…in the clear


I’ve taken these past 6 weeks to visit with a fantastic PT, an in-tune sports massage therapist, and increase my mileage. This from 6 weeks of nothing. But I’m definitely feeling better than I have, well, all year! In retrospect, it’s somewhat a shame I put off seeking “professional help” until recently. However, like any season of running, I’ve learned from this too.

While it can take up to 18 weeks to fully heal the remains of scar tissue, and I should continue to heat before EVERY run during that time, I can run and add simple speedwork as normal.

Despite the hurts-so-good excruciating pain during PT sessions, I realize in these past few weeks that I’d almost forgotten what it was like to run pain free. But I want to continue to run pain free. Or at least, as best I can.

So, how will I know, next time, when to run through pain and when to seek help?

I asked this exact question of Heather. She said there was no definitive answer, but to follow these steps:

1.  See a massage therapist to work out the top layers
2.  Notice whether or not the pain subsides over the next week
3.  Cut back on distance and speed, giving the injury time to heal itself
4.  Finally, if there is still pain or the pain increases, see a PT

Seems pretty reasonable to me. And since I plan to run FOREVER, I need to follow these steps to a tee.

So, now, I continue to build up mileage and increase my long runs.  I’m voraciously shopping for a Turkey Trot.  I was advised that it must be a 10k or longer; any shorter and it will take longer for my hamstring to heal.  I’m not hoping for a PR or anything.  Just the feeling of flying again…


2 thoughts on “…in the clear

  1. This is great news!! Come run the Turkey Trot 10K in Longmont on 11/10!

  2. So happy to hear!! Keep up the great work!!

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